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Delegation Skills Made Simple

  • Do you lead or manage a team and find that you don’t have enough hours in the working day?
  • Have you been promoted to manager only to find yourself doing the same work as before?
  • Do you ever wonder whether some of your work could and/or should be done by the team you lead?
  • Have you ever wondered whether your own delegation skills are helping or hindering your work?
  • Have you ever given work to a team member only to find that the results are nothing like what you expected?

In today’s pressured business environment modern business owners, managers and supervisors need effective delegation skills more than ever.

However, we’re not born with delegation skills. We have to develop these skills while on the job, and this can have mixed results.

Whatever your situation, the ‘Delegation Skills Made Simple’ workshop is here to help.

Delegation skills doesn’t have to be complicated and this half-day session is designed to give you the nuts and bolts of straightforward and effective delegation skills that you can begin to use from the moment you get back to work.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the things you’ll learn on the workshop.

  • How to identify what can and can’t (or should and shouldn’t) be delegated.
  • How to pick the right team members to delegate to (and how to work out if there is a skills gap).
  • The language of effective delegation skills (this works at home too).
  • How to ensure that you get the results you want from delegated work.
  • 2 simple yet incredibly effective delegation techniques that could easily save you an hour a day (you’ll wish you’d known these years ago).
  • How to reduce unnecessary interruptions and improve your own productivity.
  • Tips for getting the team to take responsibility for their own workload.

Who should attend this workshop?
If you manage a small team or run a small business then the ‘Delegation Skills Made Simple’ workshop is ideal for you. If you’re new to managing people then this will be an invaluable skill set to acquire and become effective at.

The workshop is highly interactive with plenty of opportunities to discuss your experiences, examine your own management style and look for ways to improve your delegation skills based on what you’ve learned.

So how does it work?
This delegation skills training program is an intensive half-day session.
It can easily be held at your business premises (or a neutral venue) for up to 10 members of your team.
Ideally you need to have a group of between 7 and 10 people to ensure the best learning opportunity. This also makes the training more cost-effective.

You can also have the training at a neutral venue (such as a hotel meeting room) near your workplace. This works well to reduce interruptions but does increase the cost of the training.

And what does it cost?
To run the ‘Delegation Skills Made Simple’ training program at your business costs from just £370. This means that if you have 10 team members who could do with improved delegation skills, then it would work out at only £37 per person.

And what else do you get yet?
As well as the half-day session you’ll also be given access to a special clients-only delegation skills page of our website. On this page you will find delegation skills ebooks giving you further tools and tips to improve your delegation skills. You’ll also be able to download some specially recorded MP3 audio summaries of the key delegation skills techniques from the workshop.

Want to know more?
Just give us a call on 07703 885 305 for an informal chat about what you need and we’ll work from there.
Or you can fill in the contact form.

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