Time Management Training

“Time Management Training That Will Help You Get Organised, Increase Your Productivity, Get More Done and
Improve Your Work-Life Balance!”

  • Are you working flat out daily, only to find out that you still didn’t get done as much as you wanted?
  • Do you sometimes wish you were more organised?
  • Do you envy those with busy lives who still manage to achieve so much?
  • Would you like to reduce your stress levels?
  • Have you thought that work-life balance might actually help you to increase your productivity?
  • Does the concept of ‘time management’ make you laugh?

We all have the same number of hours available to us every day, so how is it that some people seem to get loads done and others slave away like mad and never seem to get very far?

The difference is a ‘systemised and structured approach to personal organisation’.

On our time management training program we don’t just teach you personal organisation techniques but we’ll also help you work on your own action plan so you can become more organised, focused and productive. You’ll be able to apply that action plan as soon as you get back to work.

time management training can help

Time management training can help you avoid becoming this.

Here’s a quick list of some of the things you will learn on our Time Management Training program.

  • How to make ‘To Do’ lists really work for you
  • 3 simple techniques for setting priorities
  • Managing the boss to get more done (it’s easier than you think)
  • How to say NO! more often and not feel guilty (works on the family too)
  • 2 easy ways of reducing interruptions at work (and you don’t even have to lock yourself in an office on your own)
  • Project planning made simple (including free project management software)
  • Using your calendar to make work planning easier and quicker
  • 3 quick (and easy) techniques for improved delegation
  • 5 simple ways to cut stress and improve your work-life balance

We promise that when you begin to use what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to get more out of every day and reduce your stress levels into the bargain too.

So how does it work?
This time management training program is an intensive one-day session.
It can easily be held at your business premises (or a neutral venue) for up to 10 members of your team.

And what does it cost?
To run the time management training program at your business costs from just £570. This means that if you have 10 team members who need to get organised and get more done, then it would work out at only £57 per person.

But what do you get for your money?
The fee includes all training materials and all (reasonable) expenses.
You’ll also have access to an exclusive clients-only audio recording of the time management key points along with downloadable templates and tools.

Want to know more?
Just give us a call on 07703 885 305 for more information. We’ll have an informal chat about what you need and work from there.
Or you can fill in the contact form.

And here’s what people have said about this workshop:

“Definitely worthwhile – common sense approach to time management & how to apply it.”
Graham Gilliver
Donaldson Filtration

“Over the last 15 years in the Telecoms industry I have attended a number of time management courses. I have to say that yours was by far the most beneficial. Both in the way it was delivered and the content.”
Peter Franklin
Voice Connect Ltd

“I really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend it. I am already trying out new systems and am already becoming more organised.”
Rebecca Cope
Lawson West Solicitors

“The course gives you a sense of empowerment and re-motivates your Work/Life and what is needed to re focus and gain control of what matters in your Life and the tools to re-balance your own tasks and that of others that you manage.”
Marie Firth
Tilad Ltd

“An enjoyable and valuable day, thanks Karl.”
David Heys
The Property Shop

“An excellent day and very good value for money.”
Maxine McGuiness
Simply Music

“Practical, down-to-earth material, which leaves you with things you can really use both at work and home.”
Mike Adey
Leics County Council

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